Family entertainment center

Concession Advisor


Our focus is getting your center built how you want it, for the most reasonable price.

We have a well laid out staging process to get things moving, as well as on site review, and follow up.


Hi Folks! It's Darlene. I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Restaurants have always been my passion and their systems have always come easy to me. I am a natural industry leader, starting from the bottom and working my way up. My diverse background focuses on specializing in franchise system, either starting from scratch or refining the current systems. I have a four step approach including food costs, labour, training and growth. When working on a new build restaurant the systems I put in place are seamlessly laid out to make your training of new employees effortless.


• Overview concept and site – “client’s vision”
• Development of conceptual menu
• Understand customers, competition and price points
• Assist Client in creating
a brand identity


• Discuss kitchen layout, seating design, and overall flow of food and beverage service
• Provide kitchen layout plan as follows:
o Kitchen Architectural & MEP drawings. These MEP drawings shall be provided by our preferred vendor, Russell Hendrix Foodservice Equipment – United States, and will be forwarded to your local Engineer & Architect for their review and applicable stamps
• The cost of these MEP’s will be credited towards equipment purchases, if purchased through vendor
• Provide complete list of all required equipment
o Costing all applicable equipment
o Equipment start-up and training
• Correspondence with architect regarding design and equipment for health and fire code compliance


• Development of menu presentation
• Consultant will complete all recipes and provide
o Brand / food recipe book
o Brand / food photo wall guides
• Complete layout of cooking procedures, plate presentation and packaging
• Provide complete food and beverage cost analysis
o Recommended pricing and margins
• Beverage layout, drink menu, and bar menu (if applicable)
o Brand/beverage recipe book
o Brand/beverage photo wall guides
• Seasonal and regional recipes recommended (if applicable)
• Promotional menu strategy (Limited time offers)


• Establish the supply chain for all food and beverage items
• Leverage food and beverage purchasing programs thru already established national accounts with approved vendors
• Establish paper goods program
• Establish required chemical needs for facility
• Prepare comprehensive Order Guides and Inventory Data Sheets
• Set rebate programs for all food and beverage products, where applicable


• Customize an operations manual for Client’s facility
• Provide on-site / grand opening training
• Provide complete labor charts and flow for food and beverage service
• Provide “Front of House” opening and closing procedures
• Provide “Back of House” opening and closing procedures
• Identify FOH & Kitchen leads
o “Train the Trainer” Certification
o Detailed program for training within the staff
• General kitchen and counter operations
• Chemicals and cleaning procedures
• Food safety, sanitation and cleanliness
• “what the Health Dept. looks for!”
• Customer service guidelines
• Cash handling procedures
• Credit card procedures


• Overview concept and site – “client’s vision”
• Development of conceptual menu
• Understand customers, competition and price points
• Assist Client in creating
a brand identity


• One quarterly & One Mid-Year visit to audit the food program
o Visits/timing shall be mutually agreed upon by both parties
o Consultant will perform quality assurance audit to ensure proper operations and implementation of procedures
o Travel for these audits shall be approved by Client and expensed as detailed in Item (3)


Darlene would be happy to answer any questions you may have.